Europecoin Termdeposit Info

What is the deposit option of the Europe Coin Wallet
With the deposit option of the Europe Coin Wallet you can receive interest on the
Europe Coins you have in the wallet.
With this system you can ‘lock’ amounts for a specific timeperiod.
Depending the time period you receive interest.

The interest rates you will receive:
Term % of Total APR
1 month ~ 3% p.a.
2 month ~ 3,4% p.a.
3 month ~ 4 % p.a.
6 month ~ 4,5% p.a.
1 year ~ 5 % p.a.

With the wallet you can specify yourself which amounts you want to deposit and
also the time-period you want to deposit.
Be aware: once you have set a certain amount to deposit, you cannot spend the
amount. It is still visible and part of your wallet, but it is locked till the
time-period you have set is passed.                     


How to use the deposit option of the Europe Coin wallet ?

1) Create a new ERC address which should contain the deposit


2) Use the ‘copy address’ button to copy the address you want to use as deposit address


3) Now go to the ‘Deposit’ tab of the wallet and paste the deposit address



 4) Enter the amount and the time period you want to deposit and click on ERC deposit.

NOTE: Be aware before you confirm that the amount will be locked for the time-period you entered. When you have secured your wallet with a password (recommended), you will have to enter the password.



5) View the status/results of your deposit