Europecoin Lobby

we are always moving

going international, time for a movement

say hello to the first official country group, that joined our team.

from left to the right:
Yanina (European affairs, group founder)
Elena (Specialist for economic integration)
Stanislav (layer, legal affairs)

Full IoT and homeautomation with native API and blockchain integration

full homeautomation integration with native bridged interfaces in FINANCECLOUD API supporting:

Python API
Websocket API
Server-sent events

featuring over 800 types of sensors, services and frameworks + Samsung Smarthome, Ikea and Phillips compatibility via an easy to use interface

Europecoin + Financecloud + Nextcloud + ColmoreFX & extending the show

Financecloud API News & Europecoin Termdeposit

this times main topics: "What is Termdeposit?" & "Wallet schedule January-March 2018" weekly news: Financecloud API hardware device. server & cloud security lessons partnerships & services Related Links - the crypto lobby currency - buy anything for bitcoin - Financecloud API description - Europecoin Android with Termdeposit


Europecoin news, progress of our hardware device development and next events towards completion.

The purpose of ERC Workgroups

What we learned from our first attempt to apply in Brussels and what we will do, to improve.

First attempt to Brussels & FOREXchain

About our first attempt, to apply in Brussels and smalltalk about the FOREXchain

Six Question from Mediabunker Team

Financecloud for App developers

Financecloud Development Teams

Please donate for the author of the Europecoin book: PRESS HERE

Europecoin Financecloud API Device

This time, i will explain, the concept behind the FINANCECLOUD API DEVICE

Next Time:
The FINANCECLOUD development teams