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An introduction into EUROPECOIN CLOUD

after having established our side project, to foster altcoin payment across the country,




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modern regionalism, a path to decentralization

Europecoin has some more visions on its agenda, than just one.
Some may follow our release path of "Federated Blockchains" (see last article),
the development of our payment / point-of-sales hardware collection
(, our new SEPA payment capabilities and many more attempts,
to deliver innovation and payment-portfolio completeness.

But we are also deeply rooted in the process of crypto education and bitcoin/altcoin telling.
One of Europecoins aims, is to do one of the very few jobs, that are making sense for an altcoin and one, that nearly without exception, any so-called-country-coin, should have done, but failed to deliver:
Getting closer to the people, by adapting to their local culture and in that way, fostering the deepest form of decentralization: LOCAL ECONOMY

We are about to publish our "localbitcoins" a-like altcoin/bitcoin person-to-person exchange and local education platform, to foster local trade and local merchants inclusion, across
Europe. This is, after we successfully launched our german version for Bitcoin and
Europecoin (, the international portal, which has been further
developed, to provide additional altcoin markets and a business / merchant support center for our payment solutions. Launch is on Sunday, expect us!

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Alpha Testnet Federated Internet of Coins permissionless Altcoin, APPS and Servicebus

The "Internet-of-Coins" team, run by crypto-enthusiastic engineers and the "Federated Blockchains" project, as already written , have been fusing their efforts together, after a face to face meeting at Europecoin office in Bochum (Germany), to set a path for the future and to share their possibilities

Now, we are about close to release the first testnet of our

"decentralized, permission-less and chain-agnostic service protocol".

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Local person to person Europecoin, Bitcoin exchange and real world merchants consultancy concept

Because LocalBitcoins got banned in Germany, we developed a concept, how to solve the legal issue and decided to fill that niche. We already had in mind something similar anyway, to spread EUROPECOIN as part of our concept, of getting closer to the people.
So we got verified and launched as a pilot in Germany:

Now, after the first week,  there are 179 places across Germany, where you can buy/sell Bitcoins from Person to Person and 22 Places, to buy/sell EUROPECOIN. This is an important step, that, after our Europecoin-SEPA and AMAZON Gateway, gave us the opportunity to bridge EUROPECOIN into the real world reality. Next step will be to establish maintainers for each region, to bring Europecoin to the Merchants, by consulting them personally.

Bringing crypto, especially Europecoin and Bitcoin to the people, by getting in touch with the real world by consulting merchants is already showing its protential: This week shopping giant REWE group (something like a German Wallmart) joined, to buy/sell Bitcoins in their stores all over Germany and is checking opportunities on Europecoin.

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Europecoin: Successful SEPA payment in EURO without bank account

I just successfully paid my Hoverboard repair with
EUROPECOIN SEPA transaction gateway in EURO,
without having to use, or disclose my bank account.
I paid 85 Euro, using my smartphone, the Transaction needed two days.


  1. Europecoin Term Deposit Android Wallet

  2. Europecoin enabled Noblepay App

It enables you to use Europecoins

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launch of our international Person-to-Person exchange


with Megaupload advertizer Hypercube Studios


Just finished storybook planning with Megaupload advertizer Hypercube Studios,
for Europecoin and to support the launch of our international Version
of the currently german Person2Person Bitcoin, Europecoin and soon Bitsend exchange.

have fun
Matthias Grin



politics versus nonviolence and voluntary contribution based society

Europecoin Political Unmanifesto

Because of seeing Europecoin increasingly being misunderstood as a project, that is political motivated and that wants to get politically involved, i feel to clarify the roots of our policy and to clarify, why its not about politics. In the long run, bad politics isn't affecting crypto, but vice versa. They are not able to understand yet, why we don't have to fear governments at all (and for now, this is a good thing). crypto is a voluntary, nonviolent and nonaggressive revolution and we at Europecoin are deeply feeling that way. Crypto will be one day, the alternative, that is getting strong enough, to have everybody migrating anyway. So why do i like to go to Brussels and to advocate decentralization of powers to those, who are not happy, to hear about it and to those, we will defeat anyway?

Here are my reasons:

1) Crypto doesn't defeat anybody, crypto helps, to get a better member of the society. A really nonviolent revolution should step over the wish, to see those in power burn in anyway, but should reach out his hand in favor of a smooth transition.

Nonviolence has such a beauty, even when there is no ethics involved. If you convince your "enemy", he will be your most powerful and passionate advocate. If you defeat somebody, or his economy breaks down, before he has been given  the chance, to rethink his attitudes, he will join YOUR society, with all the frustration and anger, of a defeated person.

3) All those, acting in a manner, that is suppressing others, have been raised to do so, since generations. There is no reason to accept their behavior, but there isn't any reason to deny them their chance, to rethink, either
Power can turn violent, if it's feeling pressure. The more are migrating with a smile, the less this worst case scenario is possible. Not inviting people in power, is irresponsible. Violence is also your responsibility, if you make you enemy to use force, despite being able to chose a better way.

I love this continent. I am an European citizen and i do not need any government for that. But i intend to use the nonviolent way of inclusion, to get rid of it. Its the way, to get this revolution right and its the way, that makes me proud, to call myself an anarchist.

freedom for everybody
Matthias  Wink


Federated Blockchains Fusion and Progress

we are preparing for closed pre ALPHA,
Call for active Coin Maintainers to join

read more:
Federated Blockchains

The coin maintainers info-circle will give you the opportunity, to get early, first hand informations about the project and will give you the chance, 
to get engaged as one of the first movers, for example, through taking part on internal test programs.

How to increase the chance to get involved.
If we ask you, to take part or receive internal informations, our choice will be guided by trust. 
There are some ways, you can influence our decision, by using the tools, we are providing.

1) Give us an insight, who we are dealing with, by filling this form with useful informations, 
2) Maintain a proper user profile here and engage with the community
3) Use the Blog, ("Planet") to publish news about your project and your work for your coin.

Every feature of this platform is voluntary, free and is also a great chance for you, to increase your visibility

join by visiting:

and press "ADD TEAM"

have fun
Matthias  Wink

WHAT else is happening:

1) Local Exchange:
Currently translating our local Bitcoin, Europecoin exchange for international markets (

2) Video Production Storyboard
Producing a Europecoin Promo Video with Hypercube Studio

3) Meeting with the German association of private universities 
They want to mine Europecoins with unused computing power, we made an application for them

Europecoin Mobile Termdeposit Wallet Android



Use Term Deposit on your Smartphone, make transactions and
send to Noblepay APP, to make SEPA bank transfers in EURO/Can.Dollar,
buy from over 400 Giftcards and shop on AMAZON.


Europecoin Localexchange

Europecoin is setting new ground in LOCAL CRYPTO EXCHANGE



Bitcoin-Treff is the new, leading, legal Local-Bitcoins Marketplace in Germany
and soon in Europe, since the closure of Local-Bitcoins in our Country.

It is back in business, after solving legal issues, is now verified and we are in!

next steps (meeting tomorrow):

1) Europecoin and Bitsend on as local exchange (nearly done eta in 1/2 weeks) DONE
2) new domain and international version of Bitcoin-Treff and launch in Europe (eta 4/6 weeks)
3) synchronizing design and corporate of, finalizing the development and integrating more services into bitcoin-treff (eta 3 month)

Goal is enabling average users, to get their hands on Crypto and using them
without dealing with complicated exchanges, but with a personal touch and support

forward ever backward never!
have fun
Matthias  Grin