The crypto society

The crypto society

1.1 The "crypto society" and the goal of Europecoin


Bitcoin is the greatest innovation of our century. Its blockchain technology gives us a key technology to build a better future.
But this future is still yet to be build. This technology is certainly the result of a mindset, far more advanced, then the technology itself
and I came to the conclusion, that without this mindset, we will not be able to get the most out of this innovation.
The idea, that any technology will do all the work for us, will produce and hard-code nothing better, than the society, we are currently living in.
That said about the challenge, I spent a long time thinking about, how a crowd of humans as selfish and greedy like me could have a chance to build anything better.
And I am sure the way is (you may guess ...) decentralization - not only technological, but also as we function, think, govern, plan as a society.
But specially we in Europe are living in something like the opposite of decentralization. We need a force, a lobby for decentralizing Europe.
So I wanted to build a piece of technology, thats not necessary a technological innovation, but provides a tool for the community, to do the groundwork:
To find answers them self ... and maybe THEN scripting those answers into Blockchains or whatever. Europecoin looked like a chance for me to move forward for some reasons: New innovation driven coins are mostly (though providing great innovations) "governed" by some innovators (and some whales) leading the direction,
followed by the rest. But Europecoin is, just an not-so-unique CloneCoin which spent most of its existence being senseless and lost.
There is no elite and everybody owns just the (nearly worthless) coins, he/she mined and bought, till the developer vanished.
This lack of a real leadership may not be a bug, but a potential feature.


With the goal to foster society-building from the bottom up, Europecoin can fill a gap and be the first REAL Countrycoin.
I will just provide tools and services and this platform as a starting-point. You can say I am not the maintainer, I am the service-delivery-manager.
Bitcoin does not solve all problems of humanity, because that's not its job (yet). But Blockchain-Technology and Decentralization are game-changing tools,
that may help solving many of them. That's what has to be promoted to everybody. Building a flat, self-organising community through spreading Europecoin,
could be a powerful way of opinion making and a lobby for a better future. Bitcoin already has an elite and in fact there will always be any elite, because having an elite is not the problem.
People not having learned, to govern them self and never having learned to make decisions, THAT's our problem. I consider altcoins to do plenty of the future societies groundwork
and ONE aspect of doing this, is doing it LOCAL. Local education and opinion making can be a great force. Sadly nearly all "countrycoins" failed reflecting that.
Europecoin may not be a concept by itself, but a vehicle for a powerful force: Opinion making by providing local advise groups (some call it lobby) via spinning a network of expert groups,
that may be able to provide answers for the future. I also invite other countrycoins to settle on this platform and join the work of the Europecoin community.
Just choose your Region and do, what you like to do for your country and for your coin.
I guess announcing that and doing real work will also support their value too and will help funding our work.

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