platform and community concept

platform and community concept


2.1 Countrymaintainers

The first step is to find countrymaintainers for each country in Europe, to be able to do real work locally. If you are a member of the platform, you will have nearly any right, except the technical maintenance of the system (and you may get even that, because I will not be able to to that all on my own). So to prevent me or anybody else to block or own a goal, idea or workgroup, anybody can found and maintain groups, even when similar groups already exist. That means even the term "countymaintainer" is not limited to one per country. If you have anything to contribute or think a particular job has to be done, join or open any group and begin with your work. If you maintain a countrycoin other than Europecoin, you can also settle in the matching countries section. Your action is highly welcome, but you are asked to do your work open for everybody to step in and to take part.

2.2 Other groups

Same for all other groups: you can build any lobbygroup you like, but there are also groups needed for the maintenance like coindevelopers, graphic and marketing specialists, helpers for the Joomla based platform and so on, I already did open some, you may like to join.

2.3 Discussion

Workgroups are there to plan coordinate and to do work. Please do not disturb them by discussing you ideas while not being involved in any of their tasks. Discussion is a important part of the process, but should happen in the bulletin board. BY THE WAY: an experienced forum maintainer is currently needed the most. Boards are not really my preferred platform of choice, if you are willing to step in, please contact me (personal message system user "Bitcoinsulting"). There are only a few Board Sections and categories, more will be provided upon request. Until we found a maintainer, just let me know about your needs and I will make as many sections as you like. I am not a fan of prebuilding any sections, that stay empty and nobody needs.

2.4. Communication and other

There is a system to make connections and build an addressbook of relationships, you will find an internal communication system, to get in touch with each other across the whole platform. You have various publishing posibilities (group-wall, blog, filemanagement ....)  Currently in development is a free classified ads system for distributing jobs, services and resources among workgroups and a platform wide virtual currency payment and tipping application for you to trade (help is welcome). If there is any tool or function you are missing for your work, just ask and I will do my best to provide it as fast as possible.

2.5. Commercial activities

We are trying to build a society. Commercial activities are part of any successful society and are very welcome (and are invited to donate). There is even already a free advertising network and a banner server in development, to extend your reach. I am also open, to take offers (commercial projects payments) and to implement missing features or. Your money will keep me going and enable me, to support this platfom.